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HotShots Limo Bus provides industry leading wedding transportation services for all of San Diego and Southern California. HotShots Limo Bus uses new limo buses built by the best bus builders in the United States. This attention to detail gives every limo bus in the fleet the high class look and feel that every bride and groom deserve on their special day.

HotShots also provides extra services to make sure that the transportation to and from the wedding venue is memorable. HotShots provides free decorations to match the color of your special day and champagne for guests to enjoy during their travel. The bride also receives red carpet service as she arrives for her big day. HotShots also features 42 inch Apple Televisions in their limo buses allowing the bride and groom to display a wedding video or slide show of photos for all guests to see as they are shuttled to and from the event.

After the big day is over the elegant limo bus can be transformed into the after party. HotShots offers charging ports for cellular phones, a stereo system equipped with bluetooth and apple streaming capabilities along with a laser show so all guests can keep the party going.

Wedding Planning Partners

HotShots Limo Bus can help plan any aspect of your wedding event. HotShots has partnered with local companies providing high end event spaces all the way to hair dressers. If you need a recommendation or help finding the right person for the job, do not hesitate to ask.

Hotel Partner

HotShots is no ordinary limo service when it comes to wedding planning in Southern California. HotShots can offer group pricing discounts on hotels across San Diego county and take the stress out of finding hotels for the entire wedding party. HotShots partners with a number of destination companies and hotels to make this all possible.

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